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About Parliament House

The regal and impressive Parliament House, brought to life by the brilliant minds of Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp Architects and crafted by a dynamic partnership between Concrete Constructions and John Holland, was unveiled to the world in all its glory on May 9, 1988, by none other than the Queen of Australia, Elizabeth II. Its awe-inspiring construction came at an eye-watering cost of over A$1.1 billion – a sum that we would consider equivalent to roughly $4.3 billion in the modern world!

Welcome to Capital Hill! This is where it all happens: the place where the elected representatives of the Australian people gather to discuss and create the laws that shape our nation. Whether you call it Parliament House or just Parliament, this iconic building is the centrepiece of Australian democracy. Come inside, take a tour, and experience the power and beauty of our country’s legislative branch.


What to do at Parliament House

Step into the Parliament House, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a whopping 4,700 rooms, each with a unique story to tell. As you make your way through the main foyer with its grand marble staircase, you’ll come across the Great Hall. Here, a breathtaking tapestry adorns the walls, capturing the essence of the nation’s history like never before. The House of Representatives chamber is a sight to behold, with its brilliant shades of green, and the Senate chamber is equally striking, boasting a commanding red colour scheme. Nestled between these two chambers is the exclusive Members’ Hall, complete with a serene water feature and off-limits to the public. Lastly, the Ministerial Wing is home to the Prime Minister’s Office and other ministerial offices. Discover the secrets of Australia’s seat of power and prepare to be awestruck by the grandeur and beauty of the Parliament House.

Inside the hallowed halls of Parliament House lies a treasure trove of art that tells the story of Australia’s political past. From portraits of every prime minister and governor-general to other pieces of art that hold a special place in Australian history, the Parliament House Art Collection boasts an impressive 6,000 works. This impressive display showcases the diverse culture and heritage of Australia and truly embodies the spirit of the country’s political legacy.

The parliament

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