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About Lake Burley Griffin

Envision a city without a centrepiece – a missing link, a gaping hole – like a puzzle with one piece gone. This was the dilemma faced by the architects of Canberra, Australia’s capital until the visionary Walter Burley Griffin stepped in. As if with a stroke of magic, he conjured up a sparkling blue masterpiece that would fill the void: Lake Burley Griffin. Stunningly artificial, this man-made wonder stands proudly in the heart of the city, beckoning visitors and locals alike with its tranquil waters, scenic picnic spots, and abundant birdlife. The lake is a testament to the power of human imagination in shaping nature and transforming landscapes.

Lake Burley Griffin boasts captivating dimensions, measuring 11 kilometres in length and 1.2 kilometres at its widest point. Its depth ranges from a modest 4 meters to a staggering 18 meters near the Scrivener Dam. The dam itself is a remarkable 33 meters tall and regulates the lake’s flow, safeguarding it from floods that only happen once every 5,000 years. In the face of drought, water levels are replenished through the release of water from the Googong Dam, located on an upstream tributary of the Molonglo River.

Lake Burley

What to do at Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is a watery wonderland with an array of exhilarating activities to dive into. With so many watersport options, stand-up paddleboarding stands out as a top pick, allowing you to glide over the calm surface of the lake with ease. New to the sport? No worries! SupCbr offers lessons for beginners to become paddleboarding pros in no time. Feeling adventurous? Rent a SUP board and set off on your own personal expedition. Want to take it up a notch? Join Jo from Joga Yoga for the ultimate test, attempting yoga poses on top of the water in Canberra’s only SUP yoga class. There’s no shortage of thrilling options to explore on Lake Burley Griffin.

Explore some of the most captivating cycling trails in Canberra by riding around the stunning Lake Burley Griffin. With routes varying from 3 to 8.7 miles, and a complete circumnavigation of about 18.6 miles, you have plenty of options. As you cruise by the glistening shoreline, you’ll discover hidden treasures like the beautifully crafted Chinese welcome gate, tucked away in Lennox Gardens. So prepare to be indulged with unforgettable cycling experiences right here in Canberra.

Lk. Burley Griffin

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