National Library of Australia

About the National Library of Australia

Nestled in the heart of Parkes, Canberra, is the National Library of Australia (NLA). This premier reference hub boasts the title of the largest library of its kind in the country. The NLA has a vital role to play, with responsibilities set out in the National Library Act 1960, which mandates the maintenance and development of a national collection of library materials, with a particular emphasis on Australian history and culture. As such, the NLA stands as a beacon of national pride for Australians and serves as a valuable resource for scholars, researchers, and book lovers alike.

The National Library of Australia has a rich history dating back to 1968 when Prime Minister John Gorton opened it. Its architecture, designed by Bunning and Madden, features a stunning Late Twentieth Century Stripped Classical style. Visitors are welcomed by a lavish marble foyer adorned with stunning stained-glass windows by Leonard French and exquisite tapestries by Mathieu Mat├ęgot. The building is an essential piece of Australian heritage, having been listed on the Australian Commonwealth Heritage List in 2004.


What to do at the National Library of Australia

Step into a world of knowledge and discovery at the National Library of Australia, where you can delve into our vast collections and tap into their exceptional services. Experience the allure of our contemporary and cozy reading rooms, where you can effortlessly access an array of resources, from journals and ebooks to indexes and databases. Engage with their knowledgeable staff, who are always ready to assist you in your quest for knowledge. Take advantage of our lightning-fast computers and internet access, free for all users. Explore the fantastic reference collection, heaving with an abundance of literary wonders waiting to be discovered. Make copies, scan, and print your favourite pieces for your personal collection. At the National Library of Australia, learning is simply an adventure waiting to be embarked upon.

Discover the unique essence of your story at the National Library of Australia. Step inside and immerse yourself in a world of exciting events and exhibitions that will ignite your curiosity. Come explore with us and take part in our free guided tours led by passionate volunteer guides who love nothing more than sharing their knowledge of the library’s vast collection. Embrace the opportunity to uncover the secrets within the walls of the National Library of Australia.


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