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About the National Gallery of Australia

Explore the rich art collection of Australia at the National Gallery of Australia, a grand museum that houses over 166,000 unique works of art. Admire masterpieces from renowned artists and soak in the country’s cultural richness while you wander through the galleries. As one of the largest art museums in Australia, this iconic institution offers an exceptional experience to visitors from around the world. Get ready to be awed and inspired by the sheer scale of creativity on display at the National Gallery of Australia.

The National Gallery of Australia is an impressive architectural design in the late 20th-century Brutalist style. Its raw concrete surfaces and angular masses are complemented by the stunning sculpture gardens surrounding it, brimming with Australian native plants and trees. What’s more, the building’s design is rooted in a triangle, exemplified in the coffered ceiling grids, tiles, and various other elements found on the main floor. This unique geometric design concept allows for freedom and adaptability while remaining true to the building’s intended purpose. One can even see the triangular motif reflected throughout the building in its stair towers, columns, and various other features.

National gallery

What to do at the National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia is more than just a collection of art. It’s a shared treasure for all Australians to enjoy. They believe in the power of inclusion and mutual benefit, and their touring program and national engagement strategies ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience their amazing collection. Collaborating with partners, they bring their projects and ideas to diverse audiences in unique contexts and environments, spreading the love of art far and wide.

Discover a world of art right in your own community with the National Gallery of Australia’s Art Cases program! These five cases, filled with stunning works of art, travel to schools, libraries, community centres, galleries, and even aged care homes, inspiring and engaging people of all ages with hands-on exhibitions and programs like storytelling and art-making. Get up close and personal with the artwork, and let your creativity soar!


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